GROC / Who we are


Who we are

GROC is a non-lucrative organisation focused on the study and awareness of opisthobranch molluscs and the conservations of their habitats. The association is open to all individuals, organizations and companies interested in collaborating with their targets.

Directive board

From 2019 GROC is led by a directive board integrated by:

Scientific committee

One of the objectives of the entity is to make available to science the disinterested and constant effort of a growing group of divers trained to collect opisthobranch data. In order for the data to be valid scientifically, the association has the collaboration of a committee of experts who advise on the taxonomic identification of specimens, the implementation of sampling protocols and the statistical treatment of data.

Currently, the scientific committee consists of:

Founding members

The founding members of GROC in the year 2009 were (in alphabetical order): Manuel Ballesteros, Marc Bosch, Irene Figueroa, Enric Madrenas, Guillem Mas, Antoni López-Arenas, Miquel Pontes y Jordi Regàs.